Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So WHY are the Democrats REALLY pushing the current Healthcare Bill so hard? I mean, the Democrats are down to telling their members, “You WILL vote for this bill, and you WILL lose your job in November.” Say what?? The majority of Americans oppose this bill. We all watched in shocked amazement as a Republican took Teddy Kennedy’s seat, due in large part to this Bill. The grass root Tea Party movement has sprouted and grown exponentially with this Bill. America has screamed and is still screaming, “NO!!” at this Bill. Yet, the Democrats continue to smile sweetly, and say, “We are going to pass this Bill.” Thus, the question begs to be asked...”WHY??”

Answer #1- They just love the American people so much. There is an old saying that bears repeating- “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” Having said that, since when in history have rich rulers ever truly put the poor first? Let’s face it. Our Washington leaders (Dems and Repubs) are our rich, elite rulers. The rich have always taken advantage of the poor throughout history. That is history. Who in our country are the rich? Those serving in Washington, flying around the world, with dozens of “aides/servants”? Or are we the people the rich ones? To quote CCR “I’m not the fortunate son.”. Are we foolish enough to think that the wealthy are suddenly going to stop lining their pockets with our money and begin taking care of us? Are those in our nation’s Capitol REALLY that upstanding and righteous?

Answer #2 – They are doing this to get money for themselves. Possibly, but unrealistic. This thing is too public for an open money grab. Besides, there are far too many other, secret, easy, slimy ways for them to fill their vaults- and they have.

Answer #3- They want to go down in history as doing such a great thing for America (like FDR). But, that’s the problem. History only remembers FDR. Who was Speaker of the House or Senate Majority leader during FDR’s reign? Who cares? If this Bill goes through, Obama’s name will be remembered only. So, what’s in it for Pelosi? Reed? Certainly not historical fame.

We are running out of possible answers. The Democrats are going to lose votes and lose seats. We know they don’t really care about us. They may or may not get money from this, and the fame is a non-issue. The only D.C. motive left is POWER. How much power can we be talking about here? With the Democratic leadership willingly giving up seats in November, can the power they stand to gain be such a small amount? I mean, how many years have we watched and been nauseated as both sides of the aisle desperately slobbered for every scrap of every vote for every seat? NO- the power they are going for here must be monumental!! And it is.

It has become almost a joke to say that in June we stop working for the government, and we begin working for ourselves. We work the first half of the year to pay taxes to the government. The punch line is that our average total taxation rate is close to 50%. We currently only get to spend only fifty cents of each dollar we earn. Now, the politicians have promised us that they can take over 1/6 of the economy, cover every person’s health in the country, and not raise our taxes. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned not to believe a politicians promises(Read my lips, Transparency, I never had sexual...well you know). Once again, I look to history. I look to those countries that have what our politicians are promising. I see tax rates that unbearably high- in every case. I see their citizens who are literal slaves to their governments’ “free services”. So, do I believe history (and my eyes), or do I believe political promises? Hmmm....

Could this be what the Democrats are aiming for in the long run? A tax rate that is so high that there is no more money left for Democrats and Republicans left to even argue about? What do I mean? Let’s say that our total tax rate goes from 50% up to 75% over time (due to say the Baby-boomers overwhelming the healthcare system). That means that 75% of all of our money is already spoken for- argument over. It’s kind of like trying to argue over money going to Social Security. No real arguments. It is untouchable. If the total tax rate goes up to 75%, it in addition leaves the American people with .25 per dollar to spend on ourselves. Will there really be any more need to vote where the money goes to in Washington? Will there even be a need for a two party system of Democrats (big government) vs. Republicans (small government). Or will that argument already be over as well? Will we the people even really need to vote? If so, what will we vote for? Big government or total government control?

I think it is interesting that Obama has used the words, “Bolshevik Revolution” , “Total Government Takeover” and “Socialist Agenda” in describing what this Healthcare Bill is NOT about. Presently, we have a two party system as designed by our founders. The Democrats represent the Federal (big)government. The Republicans represent the State’s (small)government. This delicate balance between the two is what maintains our freedom. This Healthcare Bill tips that balance of power firmly and lastingly towards the Federal government. WHY are the Democrats willing to sacrifice so much right now to get this Bill passed? It ends the need for the Republican Party. Consequently, it ends the need for our choice as well.

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