Saturday, February 6, 2010

WE really ARE THE people!!

I dedicate this blog to the ideal and furtherance of FREEDOM!! I received my BA in Poli Sci in 1988. I now teach Middle School Social Studies. As I watch this great nation slide more and more away from individual freedoms and towards greater empowerment of it's governments, I become increasingly alarmed for my children's futures. I want my children to know and live as free men and women- not as slaves to a tyrrant government. As a student of history and political science, I know how slaves are made. We the people of the United States are standing by and watching as future generations are being prepared for slavery rather than freedom. We watch daily as our politicians play their games, spend our money by the trillions, lie to our faces, treat us like we are idiots, and then mock us to our faces. Our children WILL pay for this. Face it, what are they getting for the $14 TRILLION debt they will have to pay off? They are getting an education ranked 18th among the 36 nations examined-according to The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in USA Today. At the hands of our politicians, our children are being trained to be less educated, and are simultaneously being doomed to lives of poverty due to an insurmountable national debt. Wait a minute...aren't slaves kept uneducated and poor? President Obama was right, it is time for a change. It is time to change all of these politicians who are nothing more than game players and leeches. It is time for the leaders with just plain, genuine, common sense to step forward and really make a change. It is time for we the people to remember that this is OUR country and our freedom. WE really ARE THE people!!